„Falling in LOVE with yourself that’s what Portrait Photography is all about. And that’s it.

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Oliver Lozano is a german mexican artist, a professional and awarded photographer, filmmaker and coach.
Born and raised in Germany his connection to Mexico, the USA and other countries had a major influence on how he approaches people, cultures and art.
With over 17 years of experience Oliver Lozano has developed his own personal style that is between Glamour Portrait, Fine Art and Personal Branding up to Erotica and Kink -and it’s always people driven.

His signature style is provocative, story based and empowering his models and customers to be the best version of themselves, to overcome their fear and enjoy themselves.


Artists, Celebrities & Publications

Commercial & Campaigns

Boudoir, Nude & Erotica

Portrait & Personal Branding

Beauty & Advertisment



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