„I love working with creatives.
Actors, musicians, performers, speakers and artists“.


Because he is one of them.

Oliver Lozano, born of mexican- german heritage is not only a director and photographer with his loft-studio and corporate film production „el Pistolero Studios“  www.elpistolero.de in Stuttgart downtown, he is a musician, singer, performer and VO artist.
Showing the true soul of his models and clients, making them shine in his pictures and films is what he’s known for.

He is an expert on human facial expression, authentic performance and the „feel good“ factor during his shoots.

Giving workshops in his loft-studio he and his team welcome you on his site.


Artists & Celebrities


Nude, Boudoir & Special





Music Video: „Cruel Love“ starring Melody D´Amour

Music Video: „Shadow of your love“ for C-Side Series feat. KIM

Musicvideo: „Changes“ for Helldorados

Kinospot: „STAR WARS Ticket“ für die Premieren Party im Arthauskino Stuttgart

Trailer: „Let’s Burlesque“ für die M&G Showcompany

Facebook Filmparodie „el Pistolero Studios“

Showreel: „Show your talent to the world“

Musicvideo: „Highway Patrol“ for Los Gigantes

Trailer: Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart: Burlesque Affairs

Trailer: Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart: ILLUSION

Trailer: Stuttgart Burlesque Festival

Trailer: „Dia de Los Muertos“ for Los Skeleteros