Born in Germany from a mexican father and german mother, I excelled in art, music and languages. Naturally the next step for me was to study audiovisual media design in Germany and the Netherlands. After graduation, I moved to Stuttgart and worked for different film productions but also had own customers such as PRINZ, RE/MAX and Television channels like ZDF neo and RTL. This built a strong foundation for me when I decided to become a film director and photographer in 2006.

The cinema in my hometown where I grew up belonged to my family and I spend thousands of evenings watching and absorbing movies.
Inspired by icons like Charlie Chaplin, Robert Rodriguez and Clint Eastwood, storytelling and creative staging of characters made me want to proceed as audiovisual artist.
Then I discovered photography to freeze this one special moment in time and telling my story in just one frame.

From filming people  to shooting headshots and campaigns together with a little Photoshop magic, I feel blessed when creating images and stories. It’s no wonder that clients like the BIX Jazz lounge, AkzoNobel and Brot für die Welt described my work as passionate, entertaining and inspirational.

Brightening up the world, lighting up scenarios and making people shine in front of my eyes to make them realize how great they really are: that’S why I get up every morning.
At the end of the day, I’m the type of guy who enjoys a cigar with a sip of rum while reframing the stories and emotions I created during work.
And I wouldn’t want it any other way.